A better cookbook, achieved through graph theory.

What this is

Cookie is the first truly dynamic cookbook. Powered by graph theory, it can figure out the best way to cook a meal---walking you through every step of the process, giving you one unified ingredients list for shopping, and making sure you don't spend a lot of time waiting around on timers.

Each recipe is more than just a list of instructions: you can make your own choices based on how you like to cook. Do you use a cast-iron skillet, or just a frying pan, to make pancakes? Do you have an espresso machine? Cookie takes this all into account, and changes the instructions on-the-fly to accomplish what you really want it to do.

Cookie will also intelligently merge recipes together as it assembles your meal. Have two dishes which both need chopped onions? Cookie will seamlessly direct you to chop them all in one big batch, avoiding wasting time repeating steps.

When you have set up your meal, Cookie will give you a time estimate---measured in active time (spent cooking) and passive time (spent waiting), so you know exactly how to plan your meal. It will also generate a unified ingredients list, easily shareable, so you can shop easily.